At CarboSpaceTech, we can design the perfect match for your space project. Our in-house manufacturing team uses filament winding techniques that allow for matching the exact required properties and behaviour of the material.

Filament wound carbon parts have outstanding characteristics, such as high stiffness and low weight. Not only can they be designed to be temperature stable, they can also be adapted to a wide range of CTEs – Coefficients of Thermal Expansion. 

Filament wound carbon parts are multifunctional and can be manufactured in customized profile shapes. This is particularly important when taking into consideration the extreme conditions to be found in space such as: zero gravity, extreme temperatures and vibration.




Flexible filament
winding design

Our flexible designing and manufacturing process allows for any kind of filament wound composite parts according to project specifications. Depending on the application, inherent tooling development enables us to vary the carbon winding length up 8 m or the diameter up to 0.8 m. (*actual maximums depending on individual part design).

Key features of filament winding

  • Huge variety of cross-section designs
  • Choice of fiber and resin
  • Tailor-made properties layup
  • Maximum length 8 m*
  • Maximum diameter 0.8 m*
  • Fast production of 4 tubes at a time
  • Outputs: from prototypes to small serial production

Carbon winding
production process

Carbon filament winding composites


The challenging requirements of mechanisms and the outstanding potential of carbon filament wound composites inspired CST to develop our range of expertise within the field of full CFRP deployment mechanisms and functional structures, such as:


  • Solar array deployment strut baseline (several applications): Y-strut or single strut design
  • JUICE RIME: Deployable CFRP antenna design
    • 2 booms of 9 m, integral CFRP deployment hinges, integrated antenna conductor, full surface conductivity (EMC), integrated feed- and grounding ports
    • Composition: 0.3 mm wall thickness, high temp cyanate ester resin, sleeved design
    • Benefits: Extreme light weight design, high temperature stability

High-strength and feather-light


Carbon winding
production process

CFRP projects for space missions

CFRP folding antenna for the Radar for Icy Moons Exploration (RIME) of the JUpiter ICy Moons Explorer mission (JUICE)

CST was responsible for the manufacturing of the ASTSS (Accelerometer & Star Tracker Support Structure), for both satellites.Key features of this optical bench:

  • High stiffness due to CFRP structure
  • Thermal stability
  • Precision of insert interface

Carbospacetech builts the CFRP profiles of the Sunshield Support Structure for RUAG Space. The Sunshield Support Structure framework provides optical as well as thermal shielding for the on-board telescope and carries the solar arrays.

1800 carbon fiber reinforced polymer booms for solar array deployment mechanisms of the OneWeb satellite mega constellation for global satellite-based internet