Carbon Panels

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Light-weight carbon substrate for solar arrays

CarboSpaceTech’s carbon fiber reinforced polymer structures are the perfect match for any kind of solar arrays used in space.

Thanks to the isotropic construction using a material mix of aluminum honeycombs and CFRP, we are able to generate light-weight and utmost stiffness in our substrates. The baseline version of our carbon sandwich panel goes along with important requirements for space products and delivers great flexibility for customization.

Full space-grade documentation

At CarboSpaceTech, we are able to offer the complete service workflow: Starting with material procurement, to consultation and understanding of required design, followed by the hole manufacturing process including automated CFRP laydown. Controlling the entire chain, CarboSpaceTech can deliver a full space-grade documentation package: incoming inspections, procedures, shop travelers, production samples, and more.



Surface technology

Key features of carbon panels

  • Light weight
  • Maximum stiffness
  • Thermally resistant
  • Customizable size & thickness
  • In-house automated CFRP laydown & machining
  • Structural and equipment inserts fully and partially potted
  • Kapton foil for electric insulation
  • Documentation ECSS conform

of carbon
sandwich panels

Baseline version of the CarboSpaceTech CFRP sandwich panel:


  • FWT test (Flat Wise Tensile): checking of conductivity carbon facesheet (FS) to core
  • Kapton foil peel test
  • Tg (Glass Transition Temperature) measurement of the resin system
  • FVC (Fiber Volume Content) controlled and checked


  • Ultrasonic inspection on the CFRP substrate: checking of conductivity carbon FS to core
  • Measuring of insert positions, contour and surface flatness
  • Insert proof load test
  • Wet insulation test

Text Weaving carbon ....?!

carbon substrate

At CarboSpaceTech, we implemented a fully automated laydown process in 2018, delivering major benefits:

  • High stiffness carbon fiber
  • High temperature resin system

  • Flexible process, du to:
    • Automated carbon fiber laydown
    • Carbon fiber impregnated with resin during the process
    • Short-lead items
    • Standard material on stock

  • Carbon facesheet laydown:
    • Standard carbon layups for quasi isotropic facesheets
    • Based on individual project specification, using layer-specific carbon fiber orientation up to 360°

  • Quality controlled by lay down programs and weight of impregnated carbon fiber with resin (according to internal procedures)
  • Very thin carbon facesheets possible due to open grid layers
  • No need of additional adhesive since the kapton foil is activated as insulation and bonds directly to the CFRP facesheet
  • Maximum carbon substrate size: up to 2.5 m x 1.25 m


CFRP projects for space missions


Automated laydown of CFRP substrate for solar arrays.

Automated laydown of carbon substrate for deployable solar arrays.

Automated laydown of CFRP substrate for solar arrays.

Automated laydown of carbon facesheets for body-mounted solar arrays.